I am the product of a culture deferred–a simultaneous mixture of erasure and mutation. With this intention, I use my music as a conduit of expressing my individual black American experience. My work is the evolution of black cultural traditions- music, history, and poetry. I use these aspects to create with the mindset of congregation and community; to share and expand a culture rebirthed; a culture healed. These forces have formed into a multidisciplinary practice, with which I utilize voice as the foundation. I use improvisation to explore the lyrical and guttural sounds of my body and to deconstruct text into sound components in order to convey attitudes, attributes, and connotations. In composition, I explore patterns and repetition and their effects on the conscious and subconscious mind. With words, I orate a narrative reflecting my unique perspective of the black experience. With electronics, I enhance all of these facets into a synthesized immersive soundscape. These practices parallel my focus on the black individual, as a way to negate the narrative of the homogeneity of my people- we are all having a human experience.



Shara Lunon is the product of the evolution of Black American musical traditions. As a poet, vocalist, composer, and improviser, her art finds the ethereal in the chaotic. With voice as the foundation, Shara’s music is an exploration of text and sound that seamlessly weaves through the ceaseless relationship of struggle, resilience, and resolution. Her goal is to challenge lassitude and in its place, instill hope. Shara has performed with leading improvisers including Darius Jones, and members of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Her work has been featured in The Gothamist, Metropolis Ensemble, and has won residency with Amanda + James production company, the 2022 Audiofemme Agenda Grant, and is a featured composer in the 2022 MATA Festival.